Not all products are created equal! How to find the right ones for you!

Not all products are created equal! How to find the right ones for you!

Let’s talk about hair types and the right Hairaddictz products for your hair. This can be completely mindboggling for those that are not in the industry but have no fear, I am here to help and offer my expert advice. Here is everything you need to know to keep your mane in check…regardless of its texture. Remember these are tricks of the trade that I implement at Hairaddictz daily with real hair and creating amazing looks and trends.


Styling Cream:

    • What it is?  
      • Gel + mouse = styling cream
    • What it does:  
      • Accentuates the hair-do to a more defines, cleaner look.
      • Smooths, refines and tames frizz and flyaways and provides subtle hold.
      • Absorbs into hair, delivering oils for protection and the hydrating formula smooths, eliminates frizz and flyaways and creates a flexible hold for hair that is manageable and healthy-looking. 


Grooming Balm

    • What is it?
      • A pomade that will give you medium to strong hold and shine when applied to damp hair and left to air dry. It is great for short and medium-length hairstyles.
      • Use on dry hair if you want some separation on all hair lengths and 


Dry Shampoo

    • What it is?
      • Essentially it’s a powder or fast-drying spray that provides a water-free option for cleansing your hair. Some dry shampoos come in paste form, and some are available in different shades so you can match your dry shampoo to your hair color. Dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and other oils from your roots freshen up the rest of your hair and leave it smelling fresher.

    • What it does:
      • Produces voluminous hair
      • Roughens up the hair strands for easier manageability and hold potential
      • Creates texture for easier hair manipulation
      • Different shade formulas cover color and uneven shades.
      • The cheaper the product = the better volume you will get.
      • Pro Tip: Hold the can at arm's length to disperse the formula evenly around the head and stop any white residue from forming in one spot. Also, focus on areas that are prone to looking greasy like the hairline and fringe. 



Root lift Mousse

    • What is it?  
      • It is a regular mousse that has been formulated with a blend of proteins, conditioning agents, and humectants to fortify and protect the hair while building hold and creating added lift to any hairstyle especially at the root for a hairstyle with added “poof”.
      • It is a foam to lotion spray


    • What it does:
      • Defies gravity and gives hair hold and lift.
      • adds life and volume at the roots without leaving behind any product buildup.
      • Adds dimension to hair
      • Creates texture for easy hair manipulation = BIG, SEXY HAIR)
      • Pro Tip: Use more mousse once the hair is 90% dry for more volume and height at the roots. 
      • Gel:
      • What it is:
      • A hair styling product that is used to stiffen hair into a particular hairstyle.
      • It is composed of mostly water and may contain humectants, proteins, conditioners, and oils.

    • Additional:
      • Creates a flexible hold by styling hair into place and provides a smooth comb through.
      • Defines curls
      • Lengthens hair
      • Adds body and shine
      • Great for both wet and dry hair and all hair types.
      • Great for sleeking ponytails and updos.
      • Hold moisture and protects the hair


Heat Protecting Spray

    • What it is?
      • It is a spray-applied before the use of heat onto the hair from heating tools and blow-drying. It is made of silicones to layer over the hair shaft and protect the hair against damage from harsh temperatures so that heating tools will not damage the hair. Heat and friction can cause hair to be dry, damaged and frazzles but with the use of a heat protecting spray adds a barrier/layer to your hair to protect it and remain vibrant during styling.


      • What it does:
        • Silicones also seal the hair cuticle and reduce moisture loss helps protect from heat damage\
        • Reduces the amount of damage to hair with the use of direct heat from tools and drying.



    Hair Spray and Shine Spray

      • What it is:
        • spray formula for all hair types that combines long-lasting hold with easy brushing for a high-control finish. It is a firm-hold hairspray that keeps hair in place all day, providing frizz-free, touchable control. It finishes hair beautifully with high lift and lasting shine and can be brushed out without flaking


        • What it does:
          • Adds hold and a glossy sheen to hair
          • Reduces and prevents frizzing.
          • Used before and during styling to hold hair and seal in the shine.
          • Minimized static and smooths strands for a clean look.
          • Pro Tip: For the lightest application and to hold down flyaways after a blow-dry, spritz a bristle brush and then run that over the hair. 


        Hair Oil

          • What it is?
            • Because of oil’s innate ability to soften and condition (the scalp is constantly producing oil that travels from root to tip to protect the hair), oil, when used on the hair, also provides a hydrating effect. ... This oil protects the hair and makes it smoother, softer and less frizzy


            • What does it do?
              • Oil is the most versatile styler. In wet hair, it offers softness and condition with a shiny finish. In dry hair, it will perfect sleek styles.
              • Pro Tip: Push the oil into the cuticles by smoothing the product down the hair shaft and twisting sections tightly.



            • What it is? 
              • This is a light spray that helps absorb the natural oils from the scalp and the hair and helps to form the hair into nice waves or curls. 

            • What does it do?
              • The simplest styler out there. Spray it through damp hair. The salt will absorb some grease and the result is a textured look that you usually only get from a day at the beach. Perfect for medium and longer styles.
              • Pro Tip: Mist over dry hair before putting your hair up to add volume and texture and stop it looking flat. 


          Curl Enhancer Lotion

          • What it is?
            • is a conditioning leave-in for textured hair that enhances, defines and prevents frizz without the crunch
          • What does it do?
            • Great for those with curly hair that is more frizzy and in need of definition. It gives a light hold with little shine too and is best applied to towel-dried hair. It gives curls some light control and direction without locking them in place, leaving styles looking healthy and groomed.
            • Pro Tip: Use a hairdryer with a diffuser for slightly tighter curls.


          Understanding hair products empowers how you care for your hair

          I know the idea of hair products and tools can be daunting to some but rest assured that each of us has been there. All it takes is a little knowledge and to take the plunge to really and truly understand what your hairs’ needs are. I hope I was able to take some of the fear away so you can have a beautiful hair day, any day!

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