How to Style Your Hair Everyday- Trending Hair Accessories

How to Style Your Hair Everyday- Trending Hair Accessories

It can be exhausting trying to find new ways to style your hair that also maximize your time. It is not always realistic for us to heat style our hair, or to naturally be having a good hair day. This is where we turn to accessories! You may look back on the days that you used to accessorize your hair, but we want to show you trending hairstyles that can actually look mature, and are simple to execute.



Hair bows are super popular right now from the runway to the streets. While this accessory might seem a bit juvenile in thought because we may associate bows with our youth, but why? There is something so classy and even rich about a simple bow in fashion. The key is the simplicity, and you know the effortless look is right up our alley! You can order these bows from amazon or even grab one from your local craft store, or upcycle those random strings you are always cutting off clothes (that’s what we did). Hair bows can be worn in a bunch of different styles and hair textures, which is why we adore them so much!

hair bow accessories

Claw Clips

Speaking of styles versatile for many hair types, the claw clip is kind of everyone’s friend! Claw clips come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and materials. We personally prefer investing in claw clips made from stronger and eco-friendly materials, that way we can be a little more sustainable. Most of us have dealt with a claw clip or two breaking on us, even after it hitting the floor only once. That is why our preferred clips are made with cellulose acetate and are super durable so you can actually put them to the test. Getting the right size claw clip for your hair density and length is important, and is the key to a lot of these inspiration photos. Claw clips are also our little hack for hair masks because they make it super easy and safe to clip your hair out of the way while it absorbs all the goodness.

claw clip hairstyles


We love scrunchies! These are an accessory that have been around for a hot minute, and for a good reason. Scrunchies are really great for tying your hair up while minimizing some of the damage that regular hair ties cause. Sometimes hair ties or elastics cause breaks in the hair which leads to split ends and more damage. We definitely recommend using scrunchies, especially when sleeping if you tie your hair in a protective style. Pro tip: using a scrunchie to twist your hair into a bun can help hold your curls or blowout.

scrunchies hair accessories hairstyle


These are an accessory that come in and out of style time and time again. You either hate headbands, or you love them. Not everyone loves the look of a headband for their hair density or face shape which is perfectly fine! However, they can be a really chic addition to your look, and are very practical for keeping your hair out of your face. They can also give off a cute sporty look, which is super fun for a casual day or the gym!

headband hair accessory hairstyle


Hair accessories are not only worn. Sometimes we want a pretty comb to sit on our counter that is strong enough to untangle your hair. The detangle comb + repair mask combo is our favourite.

 hair accessories inspiration for all types

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