Hi Lovelies, we are so happy you're here. Let's find out what is in store for you and what your journey as a new client will look like:

New client, fresh start. 
At Hairaddictz, we want to make sure we always start things off on the right foot. We prioritize listening to your needs and understanding what is important to you with the goal of building a relationship that’s founded on trust and longevity. So we have built in services to help create this journey. Our NEW CLIENT services are designed specifically to ensure that during your hair journey, you reach your desired look or palette. 

We start your journey with a NEW CLIENT service.
When visiting our booking site, please ensure to select one of our NEW CLIENT packages/ services in order to best benefit from our services. The different packages you can choose from all give us extra time as well as they account for extra products needed to get started. The more time we have together, the more we can achieve in one session. 

A consultation is the key.
During your first appointment, we will start with a consultation which will allow us to determine what the maintenance and upkeep journey will look like uniquely for you. This is why you’ll notice our NEW CLIENT appointments last a little longer and cost a little more. Consultations allow us to assess your hair integrity, review your color history, and understand your comfort level, hair fears and goals. 

We continue by making recommendations. 
Once your first appointment is wrapped up, we will ensure you leave feeling confident in your new or refreshed look by making recommendations on what products are best for your hair and we will share tips and tricks on how to best take care of your hair. We will create a game plan and a schedule to achieve your desired look that best suits your daily routine!

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Do you still have more questions about our services? We have more answers for you here. To get specific answers specific to your unique hair needs, you can also schedule a consultation here