At Hairaddictz, our IBE installation process begins with customizing your look using multiple formulas and wefts to create a beautifully seamless blend. The actual installation generally takes about 1-2 hour per row. If custom rooting is needed, we will color the wefts to match your natural hair. Finally, you'll receive our signature dry cut to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and finish with your desired style.


Why IBE®?

The Invisible Bead Extension (IBE) method was designed to address common issues with traditional hand-tied extensions. Here’s why IBE is the best choice for you:


Healthy Hair and Scalp: Forget tension or breakage. Our primary goal is to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. Many clients find their hair grows longer and healthier with extensions.


Comfort: No beads on your scalp, no tape, and no glue. You can expect comfort from day one with IBE!


Easy Styling: No matter how you flip it, you won't see anything. We custom color and cut all extensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair, making styling a breeze.



Why Do We Work by Packages?


At Hairaddictz, we believe in the importance of customizing your hair and extensions to match and look as natural as your own. Our package approach ensures that we don’t skip any essential steps in your IBE experience. Each package includes everything you need for a seamless, stunning transformation. From the initial consultation and custom coloring to the installation and final styling, we provide a comprehensive service to ensure your extensions are perfectly integrated with your natural hair.



Styling Your Extensions

You can wash, blow-dry, straighten, curl, braid, or put your extensions up just like regular hair! All our extension clients receive a recommended care guide and some of our favorite home care products. Here are some key points:


  • Brush them morning, night, and before showers to prevent tangling. Use a serum on the ends at least once a day.


  • Use professional, extension-safe products to protect your new investment. You will receive a take home haircare


  • Keep heat settings for hot tools and blow-dryers on low to medium.



Will Extensions Damage My Hair?


Our goal is to assess your hair and install extensions properly to avoid unnecessary tension and stress. We provide you with the guidance and education to ensure your natural hair stays strong and grows while you have extensions. However, it’s essential for you to take care of them while you're not in the salon.

Are Extensions Right for Me?


Extensions can work for almost anyone, depending on your desired look. Whether you want more volume, length, or just a bit of thickness, we can help. Keep in mind:


Commitment: Extensions are a lifestyle and require extra work. Your wash days will take more effort, but your styles will last longer.

Hair Length: If you're looking for significant length, the top layer of your hair should be chin length or longer. Short hair can be more challenging to blend and requires a higher level of styling experience.



Swimming and Sun Exposure

Swimming and sun exposure can potentially decrease the lifespan of your extensions. Salt and chemicals can dry out the hair, leading to matting and discoloration. We recommend Rinsing your hair first with tap water and then liberally apply a leave-in conditioner. Leave your hair wet/damp. then fasten in a bubble-style braid. Avoid all sunscreens that contain Avobenzone. these can turn extension hair pink/peach on blonde hair



What Will Extensions Feel Like?


Initially, they may feel a bit tight or snug, but with IBE®, there is no tension. It should feel like a gentle hug on your scalp.



Can I Bring or Buy My Own Hair?


No, we cannot guarantee the quality or source of extensions unless they are purchased through us. We want each of our client to have the best experience, which we can only ensure with our verified supplier extensions. Exceptions may apply if you already have hand-tied extensions. In such cases, we offer a complimentary assessment to determine the best course of action.



Cost of IBE


Pricing varies based on each client's needs, current hair, and desired result:

Volume & Fullness: Starting at $1600+

Length: Starting at $2300+


*Starting prices include the cost of hair and installation. We recommend replacing hair once a year on average.



How Are They Installed?


IBE is applied by installing a row of beads and stitching wefts onto those anchor points, increasing volume and length while keeping the beads hidden.



How Long Do IBE Last?

Invisible Bead Extensions need to be moved up/re-install  every 8-10 weeks as your hair grows.



Is It Real Human Hair?


Absolutely! We use only the highest quality human hair for all our extension clients to protect your investment. You can wash, dry, curl, and style your hair as usual, and most clients find they spend less time on their hair overall.



Caring for Your Extensions


At the end of your appointment, we will walk you through how to brush, wash, and care for your extensions to ensure they last as long as possible. By the end of your visit, you'll feel confident you have all the tools you need.



Need tips for maintaining your IBE extensions? Visit our IBE care guide here!