Help! I Want My Pre-Pandemic Hair Back!

Help! I Want My Pre-Pandemic Hair Back!

Have you noticed your overall hair health diminish over the past 2 years? Maybe you couldn’t get to the salon, or didn’t have time for intense haircare routines, or simply were just way too stressed. We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone, and give you some tips on how to change the state of your hair.  


You’re Not Washing Your Hair Enough

We get it. Wash day can be a lot which is why it often gets put off. We’re too busy wrangling the kids to have a moment for selfcare, or we work from home and don’t care if our hair is way too greasy most of the time. The problem is, this can all lead to stress and damage to your hair. Leaving your hair dirty and greasy for excess amounts of time causes the dead skin, dirt, oils, and hair product to build up. This build up will then clog your pores and can actually prevent new hair growth. Not to mention, a greasy scalp can be itchy and uncomfortable, so please make the time to wash your hair, it is so worth it.

Too Much Stress

Okay this is a tough one. Everyone always says you need to eliminate stress to improve your overall health, and the same can be said for our hair health. Research has shown that the hair loss we're experiencing is due to pandemic stress, and the physical stress after a Covid-19 infection, termed telogen effluvium. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has and will continue to be stressful, so it is up to find ways to mitigate this stress. Easier said than done right? Of course, changes to your lifestyle and increasing certain nutrients will be beneficial, but truthfully, how you de-stress is up to you. You can take a bath, do a hair mask and scalp massage, cook your favourite meal, go for a walk, or even book an appointment with your favourite stylist at Hairaddictz for some pampering! But seriously, put the time into yourself and your wellness, and your hair will thank you.

Missing the Salon

One of the many horrors of the pandemic is the government restrictions, and although necessary to keep us safe, they definitely effect our routines. Missing your regularly scheduled trims or treatments will definitely affect the quality of your hair. Luckily we are able to be in the salon right now and see all your beautiful faces yet again. If your hair could use a trim, treatment, or styling, book with us today!

Wearing Your Hair Up Excessively

Whether we’re working from home and just don’t care if our hair has been in a greasy bun all week, or we haven’t had our hair styled in a long time and feel like we constantly need to put it up- we are damaging our hair! Your favourite ponytail or bun may be causing lots of stress to the hair and hair follicles, especially if you’re wearing it tight, causing breakage and even fallout. Here are some tips; don’t tie up wet hair, try to add a hair oil or serum before putting it up, braid your hair to sleep if possible, and give your hair a break in between.

Using the Wrong Products

Be honest, did you get lazy with your haircare routine? Did you stop buying quality products and instead switch to cheaper and more accessible drug store alternatives? Well there’s your problem. We can never stress enough the importance of using quality products on your hair, especially if it has been colour treated. I promise your hair has noticed the switch in products and is not thanking you for it. Not only will quality products last you, but it will also preserve the work and money you put into professionally styling your hair in the first place. For more quick tips on healthy hair, check out our recent Instagram post.  

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