Product FAQ'S

Why is the Hairaddictz product line a worthwhile personal investment?
While other trademark beauty products might compromise hair health for prepossessing artificial scents or grandeur, we refuse to make anything that does not nurture your hair. We have a wide range of products catered for specific hair types, so you can be assured that your hair care products are custom-made to satisfy your immediate hair needs.

As responsible producers, we use healthy ingredients and never test on animals - our products are delicately infused with fragrances and formulated from certified organic ingredients.

What is clean beauty and certified organic ingredients?
Clean Beauty is the art of mindfully creating products with only our well being in mind. One of the reasons we never test on animals is because our ingredients naturally pose no risk of having harsh or caustic effects on users - they never need to be tested for safety purposes. Our certified organic ingredients have gentle natural restorative properties, and do not damage hair.

Can you tell me more about your products?
The Hairaddictz product line has a delicate blue-ribbon fragrance stemming from the harmonious combination of certified organic ingredients such as sensual Abyssinian and Seabuckthorn Seed Oil. Every product in this Collection label, infuses the hair with a wholesome scent.

All of our products are free from chemicals such as sulfates, silicones or parabens. It also comes with refreshing natural colour and texture. A plethora of organic oils that range from Linseed Oil to Sunflower Seed Oil is methodically mixed into a flexible solution that seamlessly blends into hair, leaving behind moisture and shine. All mixtures are created to support and uplift fine hair on its journey to natural vivaciousness and does not leave chemical residues behind in the process.

We are 100% cruelty-free, refuse to test on animals, and never include harsh chemicals in our ingredient list.

What if I want to return a Hairaddictz brand product?
We stand by our products and are confident that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. As additional support in your purchasing decision, when purchasing products in-store or online, you have up to seven days to either exchange or return the unused product with a receipt in the same condition it was bought.

Does Hairaddictz have any salon service specialties?
Although we are skilled in providing a wide variety of hair care services, our specialties are blonding services, sun-kissed balayages, and bridal services. We keep up to date on the most recent trends, and have all the skills and charm needed to ensure your day is beautified.

Why is Hairaddictz right for me?
We are proud of what we stand for, and we think you can rest easy with us. We don’t see hair care as a job because we are passionate about making women feel empowered and elegant with excellent customer service, and high-skill hairdressing techniques. If you enjoy being pampered and the feeling of a delightful hairdo, we are definitely right for you.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
We love questions! Here at Hairaddictz we cherish every opportunity to share our knowledge and hair care craze. Please feel free to contact us at