"I have fine hair, so finding a conditioner that doesn’t weigh down my hair is extremely difficult. Tatiana’s own brand of shampoo and conditioner (Uplifting - for fine hair) is a D R E A M. It hydrates my hair but doesn’t leave it flat or greasy. TIP: leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes for best results. OBSESSED!"
"I have known Tatiana for over 9 years now. She started as a humble student in the hairdressing industry and has become a great entrepreneur. Tatiana is not only dedicated and passionate about her job, she is also deeply concerned about her clients needs and adjusts accordingly every time. Tatiana offers a full service out of love and warmth. Moreover, she has invested great amount of time in learning not only the practices of her business but also mastering the art of guest service, to the point where nothing lacks when you visit her salon. There is always a variety of drinks and snacks at your disposal as well as a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Tatiana is a great host and incredible entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the hair industry for good."



"I travel almost an hour for my hair appointments because I couldn't imagine getting better service anywhere else! Tatiana is always focused on putting the customer first, not only does she do a phenomenal job with my colour and styling, she creates such a warm and inviting experience. I truly look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend her services and have friends who have also made the switch to her as their stylist!"