About Hairaddictz


HAIRADDICTZ specializes in setting the strength and raw beauty of your effortless hair through our signature line of luxurious, all natural, cruelty-free products and our spa-like services. 



The HAIRADDICTZ product line has a delicate blue-ribbon fragrance stemming from the harmonious combination of certified organic ingredients such as sensual Abyssinian and Sea buckthorn Seed Oil. Every product in this Collection label infuses the hair with a wholesome scent. 

All of our products are free from chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, or parabens. It also comes with refreshing natural color and texture. A plethora of organic oils that range from Linseed Oil to Sunflower Seed Oil is methodically mixed into a flexible solution that seamlessly blends into hair, leaving behind moisture and shine. All mixtures are created to support and uplift your hair on its journey to natural vivaciousness and dose not leave chemical residues behind in the process.

We are 100% cruelty-free, refuse to test on animals, and never include harsh chemicals in our ingredient list. Our brand stands as a lavish representation of unadulterated, clean beauty for your hair.

HAIRADDICTZ strives to revitalize your hair with strength, volume, and moisture and is an authentically noteworthy contribution to the Canadian natural beauty industry.