Fall 2022 Hair Trends- you’re going to want to try these

Fall 2022 Hair Trends- you’re going to want to try these

Yes, August has slipped away from us yet again, but as one season ends, so do a lot of popular trends, allowing new styles to emerge and obsess over. What makes this season particularly fun and unique is that no one really cares what you do. Yeah, really. Do whatever you want this season! Try something you’ve been afraid to do up until this point. A new season brings a new look. In case you needed some inspiration, here’s some trends we’re loving going into the fall 2022 season;


Moody Smudge/Shadow-Root

What is a shadow-root? Basically, it is a darker shade of brown/dark blonde (no darker than your natural root shade) used for a more natural root colour application and grow out. We’re a huge fan of this look, as it complements the Signature Lived-in so effortlessly. Slightly different from a fan favourite the root melt- which eliminates the colour demarcation line, a root smudge creates shadow for a more dramatic rooty look. This is a must try for blondes looking to transition into a sultry fall style. This is one of our staple techniques at Hairaddictz to create that natural and soft colour gradient that effortless blondes or brunettes are looking to obtain.


Emma Chamberlain Root Shadow Hair



Bronzed or French Girl Brunette

We’re still loving the rich brunette trend for 2022, but going into fall, we’ll be seeing a lot of bronzed brunette or French Girl Brunette looks. This features warm caramel hues and dark neutral contrast to create maximum dimension for a very rich look. This gives a very elegant and soft feel to the hair, with hues that compliment the season perfectly.


@haileybieber via instagram


@evalongoria via instagram


Long Platinum Blondes and Dark Brunettes

Between Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid, we are seeing platinum blonde have a moment transitioning into fall. What is different this season is we’re taking on messier effortless look to juxtapose a very high-maintenance and bold colour. This makes this bleach blonde look so much more wearable. Embrace the root look.


@gigihadid via instagram


Similarly, we’re seeing this one tonal colour trend in brunettes as well. These deep and dark brunette shades are going to be seen a lot going into the colder months. This look is definitely more low-maintenance in terms of cut and colour upkeep.

@dualipa via instagram


Messy Midi

Yes, we’re still loving bob cuts, not to worry. This is always a fun and drastic chop that can be styled sleek or tousled. But going into the fall season, we’re going to see the lob (long bob) emerge as a messy midi. This is a mid-length chop with lots of layers for volume and the perfect effortless chic look, without being too short. This is a versatile look that can easily take on a soft or edgy vibe, depending on styling.


Edgy Mullets, Shag Cuts, Fringe & Bangs

Going into the season we’re still going to be loving the 90’s cuts with lots of layers, creating maximum body and volume. However this fall, we’re going to be seeing a lot of edgier styles like mullets, shag cuts, fringe, and bangs. Still effortless, these styles give more spunk than softness for a fun and drastic change. Give these styles a try for the perfect tousled autumn look.


@NicolaAnnePeltzBeckham via instagram


Hair Accessories- Clips, Headbands

Not only practical, headbands and clips are a must accessory this fall. Why not accessorize your hair? These are simple additions that can be thrown on to create an effortless yet polished feel. It’s no secret Bella Hadid loves her claw clips, and we can’t blame her! It really embodies that effortless, I just threw my hair up,  messy yet polished style.  



What looks will you be trying this fall season? 

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