2023 Hair Trends- Cuts & Colours We're Loving!

2023 Hair Trends- Cuts & Colours We're Loving!
A new year means new trends, and we are diving right in to our top hair trends for 2023.

Colour trends:


“Naturally Highlighted”


We are a huge fan of this look because it is basically just lived in colour… our bread and butter! Going into this year we are still going to be seeing the dimensional brunette on celebs like Hailey Bieber, and dimensional blondes like Jennifer Anniston. Basically, cozy, natural and healthy-looking colours are going to be having their moment.


Jennifer Anniston Warm Lived In Blonde Hair

Jennifer Anniston via GETTY IMAGES 




In the past it has seemed like we have been deliberately straying away from warmth in hair trends. Probably because warm tones are more naturally occurring and therefore easier to obtain, giving a softer and more natural look. In the past we have seen more bold and cooler colours have their moment, but this year you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to get your blonde blonde enough, or cool enough, because we are embracing more of our natural base and warmth!


Kaley Cuoco Warm Copper Hair

Kaley Cuoco via GETTY IMAGES



“Subtly Copper”


Copper brunette was having a huge emergence in 2022 and that is not going away this year. We have been seeing red tones trending a lot recently, but this year we are taking a way more subtle approach. Similar to the idea of “warmth” being a huge trend this year, subtle blended copper tones will be incorporated into a lot of looks.



Cut Trends:



“Shag Cuts”


This includes a lot of styles like “the Rachel”, the mid-shag, long shag, and curly shag. The beauty behind this style is the versatility. Not only is there different iterations to choose from, but there is also lots of flexibility with daily styling. You totally have the option of dressing it up and heat styling, or dressing it down and air-drying on the go! Whereas last year we drew a lot of inspiration from the 90’s and Y2K, this year our glam muse is the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


Lizzo Shag Cut

Lizzo via Instagram





We have already seen a couple of impressive chops this year, so if you are feeling motivated we totally get it. You can do a chop, just in your own way. It’s great to take inspiration from celebrities but it is important to understand your hair and your routine and what that means for your style. On celebrities like Hailey Bieber with an oval face and fairly straight/fine hair, her latest bob chop compliments her natural features. LEARN MORE ➧


Hailey Bieber Warm Bob Cut

Hailey Bieber via Instagram



“90’s Blowout”


Yes, she’s still here and we are living for it. A fresh blowout is always super flattering, but it is not a style easily maintained by all. The base of the 90’s supermodel blowout look is the layers, but they need to be done according to your hair length and texture. While we will still love the put together 90’s blowout this year, we will see it take on a grungy, bedhead, effortless vibe. To learn more about choosing a hairstyle based on your hair type and texture check out our post on the Edit.


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