Meet The Founder


I am so grateful to have you here, my name is Tatiana Gamboa, and I am the founder of Hairaddictz Studio

My passion and love for all things hair are deeply rooted in the natural remedies and connection to earth elements of my Costa Rican culture.

I am genuinely connected to the concept of Clean Beauty and believe the natural gifts that nature offers us are essential to the restoration of our health, including our hair.

My life-long journey and passion for beautiful, healthy hair have compelled me to develop Nature’s Luxury Collection of hair care products.

The natural oils and elements used in my hair care line stimulate and sustain your hair with nutrition, hydration, strength, and health, leaving you with a weightless crown of beautiful hair.

I founded Hairaddictz studio in 2016 to deliver unparalleled service, using products of unmatched quality. My commitment to you is to leave you with beautiful and nourished hair, the Clean Beauty natural way.

All my best,