Blonde Hair Specialist

We are a Blonde Hair Specialist studio. Our mission at HairAddictz® is lucious, healthy, jaw dropping blonde hair.  We are dedicated to this goal.

We are experts in services, techniques and products specifically designed for blonde hair. I have partnered with some of the most renowned names in education to provide you with the best possible service, technique and treatment.


As a Blonde Hair Specialist and stylist for 10+ years, I have experienced, first-handedly, and heard many of the horror stories that you have had in the hands of other stylists. I have witnessed the damage to hair and I have corrected many hair outcome disasters. Becoming a Blonde, and the process involved in such, not only requires a certain education that ensures dependability but it also requires much ingenuity, integrity, inspiration and artistic flair in ones practice. Achieving the Blonde of your dreams is a expert skill and a feeling and I want each client to walk out of Hair Addictz feeling/looking phenomenal, beautiful and 100% satisfied. I want you to feel confident that when you come to Hair Addictz your hair is in the hands of a true professional dedicated to Blonde.


  1. Cut corners or rush your hair by using strong and damaging lightners.
  2. Rush the processing of our lightners by adding direct heat to speed the process.
  3. Give you unrealistic hair goals or standards
  4. Double book your appointment. Your appointment is dedicated to you and ONLY you.
  5. Over or under process your hair


It all begins with trust when you walk though the door. You have to trust your stylist and trust your blonde specialist. We begin the process with a consultation where your stylist will candidly tell you the length of your first visit and the process involved in achieving your blonde hair goals. We will realistically tell you the process and procedures involved in achieving your desired blonde and we will also offer education about your at-home care routine. Being a colour/blonde Specialist is a dedicated science by which the stylist will formulate colours specifically for your skin tone, hair type and texture. Our hair colour formulas are different for each client and they are created for your desired hair goal. Each service we provide is individualised for YOU.


  1. Formulate hair lightners and colours based on your hair texture and type
  2. Make you confident and comfortable while your services are performed
  3. Take extra care in maintaining and restoring healthy and beautiful hair.
  4. Recommend products to care and maintain your fresh color
  5. Give you style tips to help you achieve the same looks at home
  6. Give you a bouncy, beautiful blowout.
  7. Make a recommendation for your next reservation for your next visit so that you never feel like your roots are out of control again!

Email or call (416) 919-6005 if you have any questions